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Good dogs aren't born, they're trained.

The relationship between an animal and its owner is an important unique connection. At Team K9 Amanda specializes in helping you build that relationship between human and dog through positive methods aimed at building trust and understanding through consistent clear communication.  The name Team K9 says it all. You and your dog are a team and together you can do it all!

About Team K9

Amanda Fortman Certified Dog Trainer

Training your pet is all about relationship. Amanda has been helping build human and dog relationships for the past 15 years.


Dogs have always been a part of Amanda's life even from the earliest days. Blessed to have a family with a heart for dogs she was raised with rescue dogs her entire life, and would often be found returning stray dogs back to their owners. Out of college Amanda came face to face with the horrors of pet stores and puppy mills as she rescued her first dog from being euthanized at 8 months of age in a pet store. This little red Australian Shepherd was "free" but had a host of problems and everyone she knew said euthanize her. Amanda didn't give up, she began to learn about this breed and it's needs and started the journey to where she is today. That little red dog brought Amanda on a wild ride from pet dog trainer in a chain store, to canine agility team, to therapy dog visits, to even helping rescue other dogs in need. To this day Amanda credits her love for dogs to Mihkoa and the beautiful relationship they built together not through fear but through teamwork, understanding and consistency.


Today Amanda is a Certified Dog Trainer through CATCH Canine Training Academy, Cooperative Paws Service Dog Coach program, and has completed the Pet First Aid & CPR certification. 


Amanda is loved by 2 Australian Shepherds. Amanda is involved in therapy dog visits and enjoys the thrill of canine agility. Amanda is always pushing herself and her teammates to excellence.


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“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains un-awakened”

Anatole France



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